For decades, science fiction authors, futurists, and moviemakers alike have been predicting the changes that will arise with the coming of extensive artificial intelligence. So far, Artificial Intelligence hasn’t made any such crazy waves in our daily lives. But today AI is an important part of our life as it is everywhere around us from the smart sensors that help us take perfect pictures, to the automatic parking features in cars, to the personal assistants in smartphones. Artificial Intelligence is to make your life easier, convenient, and fun. 

Artificial Intelligence is also included in the education system. That time is not far away when robots will be roaming in the classrooms like a teacher, rather than worrying about this teachers should learn about AI and with the help of that, they should make kids understand the concept. In today’s world, teachers don’t realize that AI is all around the world of a student’s life. There are various reasons for a teacher to learn Artificial Intelligence. To know all the details continue reading this article.

Students Future Depends on Artificial Intelligence Fluency

AI-based technology becomes available everywhere in nearly every professional setting. But all students will not pursue tech careers but still, they will need a basic understanding of AI teachings and functionality so as to achieve success in career. 20 million to 50 million jobs are going to be created to develop and deploy new technologies by 2030 according to a McKinsey Global Institute report. Another Burning Glass Technologies study conducted for Capital One said eight out of 10 “middle-skill” jobs would demand digital skills. Whether we are talking about marketing or the medical field, technology is everywhere. 

For the student’s betterment, a teacher should learn about AI, because the basic AI fluency will be required to each and every person in the future.

Artificial Intelligence Already Plays Important Role in Kids Life

Artificial Intelligence is already an important part of everyone’s life. Devices which we use in day to day life already consist of AI. Take it Alexa or Google Assistant. In video games the AI is present. When you start watching a particular series you are recommended with the new one on the basis of your likings, this is due to AI.

On social media platforms some people are suggested to you they come in the list because of AI. 

Teachers prepare a child for the future so that he can succeed. If the teacher already has a basic knowledge about AI then she can easily prepare kids for the future, also it will help her to grow in the career.

Artificial Intelligence Can Spread Knowledge Globally

Artificial intelligence tools can help make global classrooms available to all or any including those that speak different languages or who may need visual or hearing impairments. Presentation Translator may be a free plug-in for PowerPoint that makes subtitles in real-time for what the teacher is saying. This also reveals possibilities for college kids who won’t be ready to attend school due to illness or who require learning at a special level or on a specific subject that isn’t available in their own school. Artificial Intelligence can help break down pillars between schools and between traditional grade levels. Teachers can also learn with the help of AI and make students learn. They can connect with students globally and make the learnings easy with the help of AI.

Artificial Intelligence Provides Teachings Outside the Classrooms

Teachers should learn about AI so that they will understand how it can help students to learn outside the classroom too. Many parents struggle to assist their children with studies. Parents are going to be very excited once they know about the potential of AI to support their children with homework or test preparations. Tutoring and studying programs are getting more advanced because of AI, and shortly they’re going to be more available and ready to answer a variety of learning styles. There are more AI applications for education that are being developed including AI mentors for learners, further development of smart content, and a replacement method of private development for educators through virtual global conferences. Education could be a touch slower to the adoption of AI and machine learning, but the changes are beginning and can continue.

Artificial Intelligence has already become an integral part of the education system. Being a teacher if you learn about AI and start teaching kids about it and with the help of it will change the perspective and traditional learnings. It will bring the most good in a child and prepare him for the future.