4.3 What is Rainwater Harvesting?

Have you ever employed ‘rainwater harvesting’ or any sorts of technique to conserve water? If yes, then discuss it with your peers. If not, then learn about the process and use it for the same purpose. Let us understand more about “Rainwater Harvesting”.

Rainwater harvesting is storing and collecting the rainwater and storing it in a tank or a pit. It helps for agriculture, even for the household purpose of cleaning and cooking.

Improve water quality

  • This includes effective law enforcement and regulation, urban waste, restriction on pouring of sewage, prohibition of toxins in agriculture and water treatment plants.

Reducing water-related risk

  • Some area impacted by the flood, droughts, and other health hazards. A watershed management program, flood control mechanism, activities, and sustainable livelihoods can minimise risk and disaster management.