4.3 Edible Straws & Cutlery

4.3 Edible Straws & Cutlery

  • India based NOM company has created edible straws made from wheat and rice flours, vegetable oil, sugar and flavouring.
  • The straws have FSSAI approved 100% biodegradable and tasty snacks for beverages.
  • Different flavours of straw-like vanilla, butterscotch, mint, chocolate and lemon-citrus are available in the market.
  • They also made ice cream sticks and spoons, flavoured edible coffee, and cocktail stirrers apart from the straws.

Why is it important for people to know about this straw?

  • Since we all know, plastic straws are never degraded in the environment. Other options such as paper straws that don’t last long in liquids and bamboo straws are cleaning hazards.
  • On the other hand, these ready to eat straws, similar to bakery items, wouldn’t require any composting facility if thrown away and biodegradable.

What is the NOM?

  • Nom was established in September 2018, and now they are a team of 6 people.
  • Nom is an innovative sustainable edible solutions company aiming to substitute single-use disposables with green, sustainable and eco-friendly solutions.