3.2 Other Alternative Solution

3.2 Other Alternative Solution

We as a human should take a step to save the lives of the millions on the earth. There are easy and cost-effective ways to prevent the risk of plastic pollution.

  • Nowadays bamboo and jute products are highly in demands which can be use as replacement of plastic plate, spoon and cups, plastic bags etc.  
  • Biodegradable dustbin has launched by government which helps to collect waste separately and segregate them accordingly which in turn allows effective treatment and disposal.                                                
  • The green coloured bin is used to dump biodegradable waste. This bin could be used to organic material including cooked food, leftover food, vegetable and fruit peels, egg shell, rotten eggs, chicken and fish bones, tea bags.                   
  • The blue coloured bin is used for segregating dry or recyclable left over. This category includes waste like plastic covers, bottles, boxes, cups, toffee wrappers, soap, or chocolate wrapper etc.
  • Black bin is used for household waste like sanitary napkins, diapers, blades, bandages, CFL, tube light, printer cartridges etc.

We can take a part in campaign beach or river clean up or we can also go to the beach or river and collect plastic on our own with friends and family.

“So far we understand how these easy solutions can stop us for using less plastic now as a teacher, principal or as a student how we can implement these solutions in school.”

As a Techer How can you make aware student about plastic pollution

  • As a teacher you can ask students in SUPW class to make a craft with used plastic like plastic monitor, pencil box, chocolate box and jewellery box with the help of plastic.
  • Make a student club who ensure that every plastic from the household has deposited in a bin.
  • Ask students to make a poster or presentation advantages and disadvantages of plastic, impact of plastic pollution on earth etc.
  • Organized monthly plastic collection drive ask student to bring plastic from home.

As a Principle How can you make aware student about plastic pollution

  • As a principal you must ensure that dustbin is available in necessary places and make sure every student is deposited their plastic waste in it.
  • Make sure that those cutleries are not plastic made which is used for food in canteen.
  • Whenever any event will be organised make sure every parents and delegate should bring their own water bottles.
  • There should be ban on using plastic polythene in school.

As a Student How can you make aware society about plastic pollution

  • As a student you can start collecting waste from school garden or in the local neighbourhood.
  • You can make a pledge for yourself and for the environment for no single use of plastic and will try to avoid using it for now and in the future.
  • You can try to donate your old tiffin box or pencil box in your school donation box. Even you do the same thing for your old clothes.

“Lets take a look on major steps has taken by our Prime Minister and the government to make our India plastic free.”