3.1 3r’s Concept (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)


Every problem comes with a solution. Plastic pollution is a grave problem that the world is facing in recent times. In this chapter, we will learn ways to put an end to such issues. Let us learn!

3.1 3 R’s Concept

Do you ever wonder what could be good garbage? Why was it thrown away, to begin with? Is it possible that any garbage isn’t garbage

Before starting this section, lets come to know first what is exactly 3 r’s concept means?

3r’s concept- reduce, reuse, and recycling help to reduce the amount of plastic waste which we throw away on land. They save natural resources, landfill space and energy.

Reducing– Reducing is the best method for waste management. Here are the few things you can do to reduce waste:

  • Ask your parents to bring their own bags when they go shopping. This help to make a habit to stop buying new carry bags whenever you or your parents go out shopping.
  • Pack your lunch in reusable containers instead of using disposable one for an example try using Tupperware box that you can use again and again.
  • Try using cloths napkins instead of using paper napkins 

You can begin with analysing – what you throw away and what goods you need at home. Among the primary steps consumers can follow to reduce waste are:

  1. Choosing items that you need, not want
  2. Shopping for high-quality items
  3. Using minimum packaging
  4. Buying local products 


Reusing is considered as taking an old item that you may think of throwing in the garbage and finding a new use for them. Here are ways you can reuse items to prevent the trash from being created:

  • Ask your family members to use old clothes to clean up and dusting the house instead of buying cleaning rags.                        
  • Update your computer or other electronic gadgets rather than throwing it out and getting a replacement.                                                            
  • Donate your old clothes or toys to those who really need instead of throwing away. You can also donate to some charity or orphanage.
  • Grocery bags can be used as trash bags for small trashcans instead of being thrown away.


It is an important concept in 3r’s. Recycle mean changing an old product into new ones so they can be resold. Some materials like glass, paper, plastic, and aluminum can be easily recycled.









  • Some examples like shampoo bottles or milk container can be easily recycled into lawn furniture, playground equipment, and picnic table etc.
  • Even caps are used in soda bottles can be easily recycled into garden rakes, storage containers, reusable shopping bags, yarn, ropes, brooms etc.
  • It is recommended that poisonous substance packaging materials and containers be recycled separately and that such recycled plastics not be used to make plastic bags.

    So far 14% of plastic is collected for recycling only about 2% of plastic makes it back to consumers, in the form of packaging or other products. 14% is incinerated, 45% is landfilled, and 30% leaks into natural environments.