2. Problems Related to Water

“Water is very much limited. It is a non-renewable resource. We need to realize the fact that not all form of water is safe to consume. Lets take a look how more consumption of water is leading to a more problem.”

Problems Related to Water

Have you ever seen ponds appear green from afar due to many algae growing in them? This is exacerbated by large amounts of contaminants being washed down from the fields. These provide nutrients for algae to grow. When these algae die, they become food for bacteria and other decomposers. The oxygen in the water body is quickly depleted. As a result, the oxygen level in the water drops, potentially killing aquatic species.

Water Pollution

  • Pollution such as toxic chemicals, heavy metals from mining and manufacturing and power plant emission these creates acid rain that pollute the surface water
  • It affected human and animals in all aspects. People usually drinking water from uncertain quality that comes from ponds and lakes used by animals.
  • In India, a lot of water get polluted by festivals like Ganesh Chathurthi, Durga Pooja and Kumbh Mela. People throw the plastic waste and idols of Ganesh and Durga Ji in river which directly consumed by the marine animals.

Do you know?

Hot water can be a pollutant as well!

Typically, this is water from power plants and factories. It is discharged into rivers. It increases the water body’s temperature, which has a detrimental effect on the animals and plants that live there.