2.1 Who All are Affected?

2.1 Who All Are Affected?       

You may have seen a heap of plastic waste or scattered plastic waste beside a river or on a beach, or any water body. Prepare a table of all the plastic affluents you have seen and discuss all the items’ harmful effect.

  • When we consume plastic and throw it on land or in garbage it simply ends up in the rivers and the ocean. It directly affects the fish, turtle, whale because they eat it and die by assuming plastic as a form of food.
  • Plastic Discharge toxic chemicals and it can be consumed by birds.
  • Birds Wings and necks may get caught up in pieces of plastic bags.
  • When small fish eat plastic and a big fish eats these little fish, the big fish ends up.
  • Turtles favourite food are jellyfish, but the turtle cannot feel the difference between a jellyfish and a plastic.
  • Not only jellyfish but they also consume plastic ropes and other plastic fishing equipment. When fish consume toxic chemicals which is discharge by plastic and we eat those containment fish which directly enter into our body.
  • These containment fish are associated with numerous diseases included Cancers, birth defects, infertility, Immune systems problems, and Diabetes etc.