1.3 Plastic Around us

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1.3 Plastic around us

 Have you ever seen plastic wrappers or other plastic waste partially or fully submerged in the ground on the corners of roads? Do you think it makes the soil poisonous?

Yes, plastic waste can make soil absolutely poisonous. It’s harmful and can make soil loose.

Make a list of all the plastic constituents that you see when walking down the street.

Plastic is everywhere around us including containers, water bottles and packaging materials etc. One of the most common and widely implemented uses of single plastic packaging. Every retail product which we buy, consume today comes packaged in plastic. 



We use plastic in our daily life for every activity like preserving food to medicine, water bottles to container, small piece to TV, washing machine cover etc, lunchbox, potato chips which we consume comes in plastic cover, Supermarkets are full of single use plastics products and it is a struggle to avoid them entirely,Balloons are not biodegradable and once in the ocean they are consumed by marine life which more often than not kills them.

Let’s take a look at different ways in which we can tackle the usage of single-use plastics:

  1. Eco-friendly cutlery.
  2. Innovation in packaging.
  3. Recycled inputs.
  4. Eliminating plastic bottles.
  5. Paper straws.
  6. Biodegradable lids.
  7. Recycled inputs.