1.1 Introduction

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What role does water play in our everyday lives?

First, we all consume water for drinking, washing, cleaning, preparing, and growing food, making it our most valuable survival resource. Industry, which needs much more water to generate energy, create products, and transport people and goods, leads to domestic water’s regular use.

Water is one of the best gifts from God to humans on this planet and this is the reason why earth is known as the only planet to support life. From tiny insects to large whales all of us needs water for survival.

Since 97.5 percent of the entire water in the ocean is salt water, which is not suitable for human use, only 2.5 percent of the entire water on the earth is worth the use which is 70 percent in the form of ice and glacier and 1 percent drinking water is available in the form of water.

We as human being are unnecessarily wasting more water more than in daily needs. We must need to know the importance and problem related to water in the future.