The use of Artificial Intelligence in computer games is not something new. For many years, game developers have been using AI to change the behavior and decision-making process of non-player character (NPC). Computers and video games today provide a scalable testbed for AI research and it’s discovery.

Are you keen to experience AI in the games and want to know how the Top 7 games use AI in it then you are at the correct place, know the top 7 Games that use AI below in the article.


AlphaGo has changed the AI space with the foremost recent feat that involved beating top Go player, Lee Sedol. AlphaGo essentially uses a Monte Carlo tree search to base its move upon previously “learned” knowledge from machine learning techniques. This program also uses artificial neural networks through comprehensive training of both human and computer play.


Jeopardy a television quiz game show was the next game to crown a machine champion. The IBM technology platform had famously won in 2011, within the game of Jeopardy, much before the success of the new AlphaGo program. Watson was pit against Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings, only to emerge victorious by defeating the 2 world champions.

Dark forest

Named after Liu Cixin’s fantasy novel by an equivalent name, Dark forest is additionally another Go program developed by Facebook. The program is predicated on deep learning and uses a convolutional neural network. Like AlphaGo, Darkforest has also been tested against the knowledgeable human players at the 2016 UEC cup. The updated version of the sport Darkfores2 combines the techniques employed by its predecessor, with Monte Carlo tree search. this type of tree search method is usually seen in computer chess programs.

Deep Blue

1985 marked the start of labor for Deep Blue with a ChipTest project at Carnegie Mellon University, which eventually gave thanks to Deep Thought. IBM took note of this development and hired the event team, rebranding the project to Deep Blue. Interestingly, the event team had signed Grandmaster Joel Benjamin too.


For the first time in gaming history, F.E.A.R. introduced a planner to get context-sensitive behaviors, which is referenced today globally by several gaming studios. The AI-powered enemies can cleverly use the environment, finding cover behind tables, tipping bookshelves, opening doors, and so on.

The sci-fi based plot follows a theoretical physicist, Dr. Gordon Freeman, stuck inside an underground research center. The story escalates when the teleportation experiments fail unexpectedly. the sport combines scripting and AI to avoid any interruption during the gameplay. Valve developed this game in 1998.

During its latest attempts in 2018, OpenAI’s Dota bot was ready to defeat talented human players but lost to human champions after competing on fair terms with humans. Initially the bot and its opponents were ready to pick only a couple of all the characters within the game, making it simpler.

Dota 2

In a previous attempt, the AI system developed by OpenAI tried its hand on Dota 2 (though an easy sort of it), and was ready to beat many of the professional players it matched against. Dota 2 is traditionally a 5v5 game with tons of various variables, and therefore the bot only competed on a really small a part of it. we should always also note that, unlike the previous examples, the bot was defeated throughout the day.


Machine Learning began to pick-up within the 2010s, primarily thanks to advancements in Computer Vision. In 2012, leading researchers in Machine Learning demonstrated that computers could reliably classify thousands of various objects in a picture . Two short years later, in 2014, Google researchers uncovered how to use the pixels displayed by an Atari machine to find out the way to play over 40 games