Artificial intelligence is taking over almost every industry. Be it automating the manufacturing unit or the introduction of robotics in the normal world; innovations with AI never fail to amuse us. Talking of the same, it is speculated that the automobile industry will witness a major shift in the coming years. And why not, Elon Musk is making sure that the hype of autonomous cars and a more technology-driven world becomes a reality.  The idea of innovating with AI is becoming vastly prominent day by day and we are entering into a more technology-driven world by the invention of autonomous cars. In recent times, the term autonomous cars is seen to be complementary with artificial intelligence which is bringing a revolution in the automobile industry. 

Trying hard to keep up the pace with the advancing world, every manufacturer is running behind the idea of self-driving cars and shelling out millions to incorporate AI in their cars putting on a more futuristic approach. In fact, there are many companies that have already started to work on this and are dedicated to bringing the technology of autonomous cars on roads.

Let’s have a look at seven such startups that are using AI in their cars and are changing the future of the automobile industry.


Located in Moutain View, California, Waymo was started as an as Google’s exploration of self-driving vehicles, Waymo is now its own company creating driverless vehicles that can safely deliver people from points A to B.

With over eight million autonomous miles driven to date, Waymo’s 360-degree perception technology detects pedestrians, other vehicles, cyclists, road work, and other obstacles from up to 300 yards away.

Industry impact: Waymo is already providing test rides in the Phoenix metro area. If you’re local and want to experience it for yourself, you can apply to try it out!

DRIVE.AI is utilizing artificial intelligence to change current transportation systems with self-driving services. It is currently located in Mountain View, California and will be expanding soon.

The vehicles made at Drive.AI  are not only autonomous, they also communicate with drivers and pedestrians within the vicinity, such as displaying a sign to pedestrians indicating it will wait for them to cross.

The purpose of the fleets is to transport passengers along fixed routes that are more easily monitored than personal autonomous vehicles, which need to stay updated with changes that can impact driving, such as construction, speed limits, accidents, and road closure. The company is currently testing its vehicles, complete with human safety operators, on fixed routes around Frisco, Texas.


Auto X is based in San Jose California and is majorly involved in making retail-based autonomous vehicles. 

The company’s vehicles combine AI software, sensors, real-time cameras, and thousands of test miles, both virtual and real, to ensure safe decisions on the road.

Currently, with a focus on grocery delivery, users can pick items through their app and have them delivered along with the ability to browse their vehicle-based mobile store upon delivery.

 AutoX recently launched its pilot program within San Jose, testing the service within a geofenced zone, planning to expand the area every few weeks.


While some companies are outfitting existing vehicles with self-driving capabilities, Zoox is creating their own autonomous vehicles from scratch. The company is based in Foster City, California.

The cars are being produced to be a robotic rideshare vehicle. Similar to current transportation services like Uber or Lyft, a user would summon a Zoox vehicle for a ride through an app on their smartphone. Zoox is currently working to transform their prototypes into full-fledged vehicles by 2020.


 Rethink Robotics makes co-bots, or collaborative robots, for industrial automation. These robots are used to automate factory tasks that are tedious, dirty, or even dangerous for human workers.

Though robots have been working on the automotive manufacturing line for years, they never worked side by side with humans. Rethink’s robots work with humans on the supply chain, tending machines, handling materials, performing tests, and packing finished products.

Not only this, but a Tennessee-based custom injection molding company also began using Rethink’s Sawyer co-bot to keep production on the pace when they lacked employee numbers. The company closed the labor gap and saw an ROI in under four months.


A very promising automobile company based in Boston, Massachusetts, nuTonomy is creating autonomous technology for completely driverless vehicles. 

nuTonomy’s technology, nuCore allows for flexible and human-like vehicle handling (without the error). The software enables vehicles to navigate even the most complex traffic situations.

The company’s goal is to provide fleets of autonomous cars wherever they’re needed to ensure safer roads, less traffic, and less pollution. Recently, nuTonomy partnered with Lyft to test out vehicles in Boston’s Seaport District, providing rides to Lyft users and gaining more traction toward transforming the way people get around.

Argo AI: Autonomous Cars

Argo AI is another Pennsylvania-based company trying hard to make the autonomous cars a running reality, They do it by deploying the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision to build a reliable self-driving system. Their systems are currently being tested around cities in the US.