Today everyone knows what mind-blowing things Artificial Intelligence can do. Summer vacations have started and all kids are getting bored due to lock-down. Therefore this summer vanish the boredom and experience AI with Games.

There are many games which you can play to experience the Artificial Intelligence, it will help you to improve your skills and even to utilize your free time with fun. Let us know about a few games below:


AutoDraw is a unique kind of drawing too. To draw with the help of drawings from skilled artists, the creation will be fast and visual. If you want to make an online greeting card or any poster then you usually have to download the high storage apps or have to purchase a design. Auto Draw will help you to draw it for free and easily. You want to know how can AutoDraw help you? Click Here to watch the fun video now!

Giorgio Cam

Ever wondered if making a piece of an amazing song, But don’t know how to? Don’t worry Giorgio Cam will help you here. It is an experiment built with machine learning which lets you make music with the computer by just the help of a picture. All you have to do ist use image recognition to label what it views, then it uses those labels to make lyrics of a song.

If you want to know how Giorgio Cam works – Click Here!

Bird Sounds

We all know there are thousands of bird species out there, which sound similar. To know how each bird sounds, this game is all you should have.

Know how to use Bird Sound – Click Here to Watch Full Video!

Handwriting with a Neural Net

There’s a lot of excitement in trying to understand and imagine neural networks. This experiment allows you to play with a neural network that can create strokes based on your style of handwriting. Through interactive visualizations, you can explore & see how the neural networks. Watch the fun video to know about it – Click Here!

AI Duet

This experiment allows you to play a duet with the pc. Just play some notes, and then the computer will answer your melody. You don’t even need any skills to play the piano—it’s fun to only press some keys and hear what comes back. you’ll click the keyboard, use your computer keys, or maybe connect a MIDI keyboard. It’s only one example of how machine learning can inspire people to be creative in new ways.

Click Here to know how AI Duet works!