Smartphones are harmful to kids, but can they live without it? Of course yes, not only id but anybody can live without smartphones. It just totally depends on lifestyle. Kids usually do not have the necessity of smartphones but still for the entertainment purpose or emergency they can use the alternatives of smartphone-like Gabb Phone, Light Phone, Flip Phone and much more which will not cause much harm to them.


This “Light” Phone is specifically designed for teenagers. There’s no App Store, no browser, no social media, no gaming. The phone has called and texting capabilities, also as front/back cameras, calendar app, alarm, calculator and FM radio. you’ll view the amount and times of texts and calls from a parent portal. In March 2020, they’re going to launch a second version with group and movie texting. 

This phone meets all EMF standards and requirements.

Gabb runs on its own cellular network built into America’s leading 4G LTE network which offers reliable service. it’s available within the lower 48 states.


The newly released LightPhone II may be a sleek, small phone designed to be wont to get things done. it’s the fundamentals – text, call, alarm, calendar, calculator, notes and an E-Ink screen (similar to a Kindle). Light Phone does have WiFi and Bluetooth abilities but no browser. Currently GPS locator, taxi and music are developing. Tools are often added via a web-based dashboard. there’s no camera, browser, social media, games or App Store

Images sent from other phones to LightPhone won’t come through. 

There are no thanks to monitoring usage. This phone also runs on the 4G LTE network through AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile with a telephone (from an existing phone) or an existing SIM card. 


Flip phones are noted for having better battery life and for being more rugged, two features that are vital for tweens and teenagers. this text reviews the simplest flip phones on the market.

Verizon Basic Phones

Please remember that the majority flip-phones don’t operate a 4G Network and can become obsolete within the coming years. If the flip phone may be a temporary fix, this probably isn’t a problem for you.

We aren’t the sole ones concerned about kids having smartphones. Republic Wireless CEO Chris Chuang also agrees. Born from this concern came years of research which ultimately gave thanks to the Relay. This walkie-talkie like the product is great for kids who just need how to call home.


Watches are an excellent option for teenagers on the go and fogeys who want to stay track of them. Most watches have safety features, like GPS tracking, emergency calling and geofences, also as calling and texting capabilities. watch out for watches that give kids access to games and therefore the internet. That tiny screen spells trouble for developing eyes. And please confirm you understand all features before purchasing. this text details many available products on the market and lots of Promise parents are having success with the Gizmo.

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