Home school means that child is taught everything at home rather than sending him or her in the school. Technology is developing day by day therefore whatever generation a person belongs to they should atleast have basic knowledge about it. Especially this generation kids should have an idea about the technology. Now the main concern is how to teach them about technology. Today in the market there are many applications, bogs or software where your kid can learn technology. Let us see how.

Managing Technology in Your Homeschool

No matter what tools you select for your technology, you’ve got to organize to take care of them. Not only one wants to try the backups of computers and do the physical maintenance like vacuuming them out and removing the dust, but you’ll want to stay track of what’s happening together with your kids as they use any device.

How to Use Google Earth in Your Homeschool

This virtual globe may be a fantastic resource for studying the world and its tons of capabilities.

Best Educational YouTube Channels for Homeschoolers– many great channels and videos here for you to settle on from. There are tons of talented people out there making wonderful educational videos for all ages. These are those we enjoy. Included during this post is how and once we will use this popular resource.

How to Make a YouTube Playlist – Did you recognize you’ll make a custom playlist for your students? This is often especially helpful for moms with younger kids.

Must Watch TED Talks for Homeschoolers – These talks are well done 15-20 inspiring talks on a spread of topics. I made a brief list of our favourites.

Creating Homeschool Independence with Online Schedulers– employing a web-based software program and mobile devices to send assignments to students. There is a spread of programs out there, but this has little overhead and is extremely simple to use.

Using an eReader or Tablet in Your Homeschool

Many families own an iPad or another tablet. If you haven’t entered the planet of tablets, then the Kindle Fire is a cheap thanks to taking the plunge. Below are some posts about the features of both the Kindle Fire and therefore the Kindle Paperwhite which is an e-ink reader.

How to Homeschool with a Kindle – this is often an enormous page dedicated to all or any things Kindle. I got into detail about the kinds of Kindles and therefore the features of each of them which will surprise you.

Five Reasons to Use a Kindle eReader – Two folks have slightly screen eReader Kindle and there are many great reasons to possess one.

Five Reasons to Use a Kindle Fire – This post tells the benefits of employing a Kindle Fire together with your kids. All four of our youngsters have one and that we use them daily in our homeschool.

Tips for employing a Digital Microscope – Many families want to take a position during a microscope at some point in their home education. As a biology teacher, I find the digital microscope meets the requirements of your students and it’s tons of benefits over its more standard counterparts.

Benefits of Using LEGO Mindstorms in Your Homeschool – brooding about investing in Mindstorms? Here’s are some great reasons to urge going.

LEGO Mindstorms Education vs Home Kit – Which kit does one buy for your student? This post gives the small print on the kits and which is best for the house environment.

Resources for Teaching with LEGO Mindstorms – Books and websites to urge your students challenged with their robots.

How to Make a Marble trap with LEGO Mindstorms – Use two light sensors to live the parameters necessary to calculate the speed of a marble on a track.

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