Indian Government is now using Artificial Intelligence to improvise the security and services to the Indian Citizens. As all of us know that AI is the future and it will help to make the future brighter. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s second term saw various new actions such as new Centres of Excellence (CoEs) for AI, innovative projects to carry startups in developing tech as well as the practice of technology in law and order. Below mentioned are few 

1| Safe and Ethical Use of AI

Recently, the govt of Tamil Nadu announced that they’re performing on a policy for the safe and ethical use of AI. This first-of-a-kind policy is going to be sort of a book for the state agencies and vendors who are going to be using AI for governance services.

2| Automated face recognition System (AFRS) to spot Criminals

The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India recently released a young so as to make Automated face recognition System (AFRS). The proposed AI system is going to be trained using the gathering of the database of photos of Indian citizens.

3| AI System in Government Buses

In August, the govt of Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka announced the decision to install AI systems within the buses so as to alert sleepy drivers and avoid collisions. The AI-powered anti-collision systems comprise two sensors, one at the front bumper to alert the busman of any danger or the likelihood of a collision and therefore the second sensor is fitted near the headlight switch so as to alert inattentive or sleepy-head drivers.

4| AI-Based Traffic Scan

In May this year, the govt of West Bengal and therefore the state IT department alongside the police announced that they’re performing on an AI system so as to watch vehicles and send an alert instantly to the police if there’s an issue. The Artificial Intelligence approved device will trace the vehicles if the area between two speeding cars becomes too less and it’ll give an alert instantly to the nearest traffic police.

5| Chatbot to Register House and Marriage

A few months ago, the knowledge Technology, Electronics, and Communications (ITE&C) department of Telangana announced that the department is functioning on chatbots which can work on robotic process automation (RPA). The chat will obtain features like locations of, the fee for marriage, property, sub-registrar offices (SRO), and society registrations, among others.

6| India to Use AI And 100 PF Supercomputer to enhance Weather Prediction

In a world Workshop on Foresight skill of most Precipitation events and tropic cyclones: Present status and future Prospect (IP4) & Annual global climate change, the Union Secretary for Earth Sciences, Dr. M. Rajeevan announced the utilization of AI and machine learning to assist in improving the understanding of weather and climate phenomena and their forecasting. Currently, the Ministry is functioning on augmenting the prevailing supercomputing facility to 100 petaflops (PF) within the next 2 years.

7| AI-based solutions for agriculture in India

In October, the govt of Maharashtra announced the implementation of AI-based solutions for agriculture in India so as to scale back agricultural risks for farmers, under the Maha Agri-Tech project. The technology is going to be utilized to mitigate cultivation hazards which can occur from unreliable rains or pests and predict crop-wise and area-wise yield. there’ll be the utilization of satellite imagery in agriculture which can help in accessing the crop area, crop condition, and crop yield at district levels.

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