“Star Wars and Tony Stark have made us believe in a new world of innovation and technology What if I tell you that JARVIS is no more a fictional tech but can be made in the real world and the makers’ movement is set to empower such an  innovation?” 

Ever since the introduction of engineering into the Makers world, the makers’ movement has picked up a new pace. With the advent of artificial intelligence, there has been a massive expansion in the spectrum of possible and impossible. Artificial intelligence or the technology of the future that enables machines to function like near humans and make decisions on their own is gaining increasing popularity in the real world. Catching up with the pace of the advancing technology, makers from around the world have stepped into engineering and are inspiring each other to create smart gadgets, robotics gizmos, smart wearables, etc.

The makers initiative which says to ‘make, break, and create’ is making way in the world of AI and is bringing us closer towards a new era of innovation and invention. Artificial intelligence has the potential to empower the makers’ movement and get it to new heights.

Makers are individuals who belong to different walks of life and come together to put their skills to create and innovate! They are people who have a knack to do things on their own and aren’t afraid to experiment. And when these dextrous brains are coupled with advanced tech like AI, then it opens doors to a new age of making!

Thus, it is evident that AI is influencing the makers’ movement and giving it a new direction. As they say, “Working with AI, artists can harness chaos and complexity to find unexpected signals and beauty in the noise.” 

SInce makers are creators who turn around their thoughts and ideas into tangible innovations. Be it harnessing existing tech and putting into simple movable working models or experimenting with complex tech and art to deliver new inventions. The makers’ movement is all in for tangible and real-life functioning models or designs. 

 A new era of augmented intelligence is set to rise which will be lead by the maker movement. Augmented intelligence is an amplified form of artificial intelligence where the machine learns from previous data but still requires human intelligence for decision making and enhanced functioning for pragmatic situations. 

A Collaboration between Human Art and Machine Tech

Such is the influence of AI on the makers movement that it is giving way to a dreamy combination of human art and advanced tech, working together to move towards endless possibilities of tinkering and creating. Not only this, but the breakthrough will also enable many young learners to catch up quickly with designing and analytical skills powered by AI. It will open new horizons for creativity and open new learning pathways for the future.

Despite an added edge to creativity, AI can give way to explore new findings out of chaos. It will promote a more constructive environment for the makers that use tools and tech to enhance their creativity and the tangibility of design. Be it AI helping in coding, connecting, or parsing the already existing values and patterns or incorporating extraordinary precision tools for artists and creators to ensure minimal errors; AI will be a boost to a maker’s productivity and a new world of impeccable design models.  

The AI invasion into the makers’ movement is giving space to more aesthetic designs and advanced functioning models that otherwise have not been known in the human world. This intersection of human creativity with machine algorithms is committed to producing marvelous results that will leave the world bemused and awestruck. 

More Sustainable Hardware Tech

Another understated aspect of makers movement and technology collaboration is the use of small and cheap hardware devices that accelerate the makers’ movement. With an advanced collab like this, the cost of  technologies and computer vision are expected to go down as the makers initiative is about making useful things with minimal or limited resources. 

This lowering barrier can give way to more developers and makers to come forward and put their creativity into an experiment which otherwise is restricted due to budget limitations. Tiny AI devices have the potential to accelerate the makers movement and broaden the scope of creativity for makers.

With so much of expectations already set in with the collaboration of AI and the makers movement; we hope to see a revolutionary era with a spike in an innovative approach.

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