Nowadays we are listening constantly about boycott Chinese products. But why? How are those Chinese products affecting us?

The Chinese economy is export-driven. Its economic model believes in Export-led-growth. High export-orientation of Chinese companies, their production of products, their inherent advantage of economy of scale including their non- market-driven prices have played havoc with the manufacturing industries all across the world.

India may be a vast market with an unlimited appetite for Chinese goods. the buyer product segment has been well and truly captured by China: from decoration lights to Ganapati idols to high-end mobile phones, from tyres & steel plates & rods to sewing needles, from solar cells and modules to copier paper and what not. You name the merchandise and China would be seen to be exporting them to India. China, the factory of the planet, has emerged as a serious source important for India. Our deficit with China is nearly 50 billion USD and therefore the gap is widening with each passing day.

China is additionally facing accusations of dumping its products during a big way into the Indian market by resorting to unfair trade practice. The dumped price of Chinese goods is blamed for hurting the Indian domestic industry and wiping out particularly small and medium enterprises.

It is precisely for this reason that a maximum number of anti-dumping measures by India is against China. But this is where our 

There are many local creators in our neighbourhood but we often opt those cheap Chinese products which have the lowest durability.  This is the only reason that your DIY art and craft makers make a heroic entry. 

They are providing more creative products, at a cheaper price with higher durability. This is how Chinese products demands get less.  But still, some of us think that our local makers won’t give us quality products, but you are wrong.

Local makers understand society and try to give their best. Why don’t even you try purchasing something from local makers or else even you can try making something at home itself.

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