When many of us hear the term “artificial intelligence” (AI), we start to imagine robots doing our jobs, presenting people. And, since AI-driven computers are programmed to form decisions with little human intervention, some admire that what if machines will soon make the difficult decisions we now commit to our doctors.

To watch a video of what the medical field will be in the age of Artificial Intelligence – Click Here 

AI in health care largely refers to doctors and hospitals receiving vast data of life-saving information. This includes treatment methods and their outcomes, survival rates, and speed of care gathered across many patients, geographical locations, and innumerable and sometimes interconnected health conditions. New technology can detect and analyze large and little trends from the info and even make predictions through machine learning that’s designed to spot potential health outcomes.

Artificial Intelligence is already playing an important role in the medical filed that too globally. Let us go through a few AI innovations in healthcare.

Previously that is in 2015 misdiagnosing illness and medical mismanagement accounted for many deaths globally. Incomplete medical history and large caseloads used to lead to deadly human errors. Immune to those variables, AI can foretell and diagnose the disease at an immediate rate than most medical professionals. 

PATHAI – More Accurate Cancer Diagnosis With AI

PathAI was invented in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is a developing machine learning technology to help pathologists in making more precise diagnoses. The company’s current goals include decreasing errors in cancer diagnosis. To develop methods for individualized medical treatment. Know about PathAI in detail with help of the video link provided by us – Click Here

PathAI has used by drug developers like Bristol-Myers Squibb and also with reputed organizations like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to grow its AI technology into other healthcare industries.

ENLITIC – AI Deep Learning For Actionable Insights

Enlitic was invented in San Francisco, California. It has developed deep learning medical tools to streamline radiology diagnoses. It analyzes unstructured medical data (EKGs, genomics, patient medical history, radiology images, blood tests) to give doctors a better idea into a patient’s real needs.  

MIT 9Massachusetts Institute of Technology)  named Enlitic the 5th smartest AI company in the world, ranking above Facebook and Microsoft. To know about ENLIC in detail Watch This Youtube Video!

FREENOME – Earlier Cancer Detection With AI

Freenome was invented in San Francisco, California.  It uses Artificial Intelligence in screenings, diagnostic tests, and blood work to conduct the test for cancer. By deploying AI at general screenings, it aims to detect cancer in its earliest stage and also develop new treatments for the patient.

One of the most important AI breakthroughs in drug development came in 2007 when researchers tasked a robot named Adam with researching functions of yeast. Adam scoured billions of knowledge points publicly databases to hypothesize about the functions of 19 genes within yeast, predicting 9 new and accurate hypotheses. Adam’s robot friend, Eve, discovered that triclosan, a standard ingredient in toothpaste, can combat malaria-based parasites. There are many medicines are developed with the help of AI. Watch the Youtube Video Now!

BIOXCEL THERAPEUTICS – AI In Biopharmaceutical Development

BioXcel Therapeutics uses AI to spot and develop new medicines within the fields of immuno-oncology and neuroscience. Additionally, the company’s drug re-innovation program employs AI to seek out new applications for existing drugs or to spot new patients. To know more about BIOXCEL watch the Video Now!

BioXcel Therapeutics’ add AI-based drug development was named together of the “Most Innovative Healthcare AI Developments of 2019.”

BERG HEALTH –  Treating Rare Disease With AI

BERG may be a clinical-stage, AI-based biotech platform that maps diseases to accelerate the invention and development of breakthrough medicines. By combining its “Interrogative Biology” approach with traditional R&D, BERG can develop more robust product candidates that fight rare diseases.

BERG recently presented its findings on Parkinson’s Disease treatment — they used AI to seek out links between chemicals within the physical body that was previously unknown — at the Neuroscience 2018 conference.

In the healthcare industry, time is money. Efficiently providing a seamless patient experience allows hospitals, clinics, and physicians to treat more patients on a day today.

New developments or inventions in Artificial Intelligence healthcare technology are streamlining the patient experience, helping hospital staff to help millions faster and more efficiently. 

BABYLON HEALTH – Increasing Access To Healthcare

Babylon is invented in NewYork City. Babylon uses AI to supply personalized and interactive healthcare, including anytime face-to-face appointments with doctors. The company’s AI-powered chatbot streamlines the review of a patient’s symptoms, then recommends either a virtual check-in or a face-to-face visit with a healthcare professional.

Babylon and Canada’s Telus Health teamed up to develop a Canada-specific AI app that scans a patient’s survey answers, then connects them via video with the proper healthcare provider or professional. To watch Baylon Health video Click Here!


Practo is a ‘Health and Fitness’ app which helps to access the network of doctors and clinics It is an easy to use application with simple tabs and directions. Once you log in, you’ll have 22 cities in India to look for doctors and clinics. The app has more than 120000 verified doctors. Who will help you to select a doctor and describe your ailment, you will then have a call or chat with the doctor. 

You have to pay the consultation fees also you’ve got some doctors with no consultation fees also. The app also can use Google maps and show you the thanks to the doctors near you. The app, however, has had some negative reviews that have got to be taken into consideration.

As said before AI plays an important role to improvise today’s medical field that too globally. There is much innovation of AI in medical Field till now which helped to answer any questions, solve the issues, and to connect people globally for better health.

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