IBM’s computer program, Deep Blue, beat Garry Kasparov during a 1997 match, AI has played a frequently leading and productive role within the gaming world. Executed in many ways, AI is employed to magnify the game assets, behaviours and environments.

Whether struggling with behaviour trees to control non-player characters or creating AI programs to defeat humans at their own games, the succeeding AI game companies are using AI to strengthen the gaming experience.

APEX Game Tools

Apex Game Tools was founded in 2014, Apex Game Tools creates AI solutions and tools for a spread of game styles. It is working with other research institutions and universities to reinforce AI, Apex does its own research in machine learning, algorithms and cybernetics.

Apex’s many products involve Utility AI, a scoring-based framework for computer games. Utility AI provides multiple decisions, scores each potential choice then AI performs the action. Thousands of developers and corporations use Apex tools to power its games. Apex Utility AI is often used in shooter game environments to evaluate whether to load a weapon, fire, take cover or attack.

Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment may be a leading game development company whose popular titles include World of Warcraft, StarCraft and Diablo.

The company’s StarCraft franchise may be a strategy game with single- and multiplayer modes. thanks to its real-time strategy function, the sport is of specific interest to researchers for testing and analyzing AI. While AI products like AlphaGo have mastered tasks just like the parlour game Go, Blizzard’s StarCraft presents new challenges and an environment where AI cannot see the whole space because it can during a parlour game. In partnership with Deep Mind, Blizzard released a group of tools called SC2LE which will catalyze Blizzard’s strategy game, StarCraft II, as an environment to research AI.


DeepMind may be a leading AI research organization that was founded in 2010 and purchased by Google in 2014.

Though DeepMind has multi-faceted research roots, the corporate is liable for creating AlphaGo, the pc program designed to play the traditional Chinese parlour game Go. The program initially learned the sport by studying thousands of professional and amateur games. AlphaGo Zero (the next version of the AI product) then learned the sport by playing against itself and surpassed the extent of human play.

In October 2015, AlphaGo successfully defeated knowledgeable human player on a full-sized board. it’s since beaten the very best ranked player within the world.

Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts (EA) may be a digital interactive entertainment company that develops and delivers game content and online services to quite 300 million players globally.

EA is understood for a powerful portfolio of game franchises like Madden NFL, EA Sports, Need for Speed, Battlefield and therefore the Sims, but the corporate is usually innovating. A team at EA recently built an AI agent that taught itself to play Battlefield 1 and besides the self-teaching Battlefield 1 agent, EA developed a 3D game environment built especially for deep learning networks to navigate.


Opsive’s Behavior Designer product is an AI solution that makes behaviour trees for the Unity engine. The behaviour tree tool lets game developers create agents that shift between sets of tasks that end in non-player character behaviours.

 Opsive’s Behavior Designer is currently getting used by multiple games, including A Dragon Named Coal, Creativerse, Immortal Redneck and Warcube.

Spirit AI

Spirit AI uses AI technology to form digital interactions more human. the corporate claims two AI products, Ally and Character Engine, that everyone has its own view within the gaming industry.

Character Engine, an authoring tool and SDK, allows digital characters to speak more naturally with players through tongue processors. It even understands conversational context, allowing characters to pick the simplest responses or create their own. Ally is an intelligent anti-bullying bot that uses machine learning and predictive analytics to spot abusive language and behaviours within in-game player communities and chatrooms. The product’s purpose is to make a more inclusive and friendly gaming environment.

Ally is currently cooperative with online games, identifying and negotiating in perceived harassment. Spirit is working to form the bot deployable in computer game environments, too

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