A new generation of robot toys with personalities powered by AI could give kids quite just a vacation plaything. Today in the market there are many AI toys for kids. But first, let us understand why is AI Toys good for kids.

  1. Artificial Intelligence toys help to push the limits of the kids.
  2. Kids come across the new technology and this will be better for their future.
  3. Artificial Intelligence-Powered Toys pulls kids with its unique features and humanlike characters.
  4. AI toys can be the new best friends of your kid.
  5.  AI allows kids to learn, act in a particular form and change its action as per the quick condition. 
  6. AI toys are arranged together with other cognitive toys or a smart computer keeping in mind the end goal to improve its play admiration and to enhance educational benefits.

There are various AI-powered toys in the markets let us go through some best one’s

 Cognitoys Dino Internet-Connected Smart Toy

  • Voice identification and response abilities
  • Uses natural language processing.
  • Kid-friendly content updates via the cloud

Gululu The Interactive Water Bottle & Health Tracker

  • Gululu helps kids stay strong and build great habits that will last for a lifetime.
  • This bottle measures and rewards kids for their healthy hydration habits.

Talking Tom Cat AI Touch Response Record TOM with Cool Flash Light 

  • The operation of toy is very simple and kids friendly. 
  • Just touch the TOM at f you get the response.
  • Talk anything to TOM he records and responds back to you.

Cozmo Robot

  • The toy robot called Cozmo, which can be an educational tool for children and machine learning students also adds entertainment value. 
  • Cozmo uses machine vision to identify and trace the facial movements of kids (users), other people, dogs, and cats.
  • The Cozmo robot is capable of multiple entertainment characteristics that kids can watch and interact with.


  • Sphero’s BB-8 droid has motions and sounds that are close to the Disney character.
  • It is made to travel along predetermined paths and travel its surroundings.
  • This AI-powered toy is app-enabled and responds to voice and motion commands using gesture recognition. & natural language processing.

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