As technology develops, we’ve smartphones, also smart technology like Siri and Alexa. Recently, an ex-NASA engineer even created and built a robot named Skippa which will skip a rock across 60 times!

Artificial intelligence plays an immense role in a kid’s life today. Let us know the 5 interesting facts of AI which will blow your mind.

When a computer program or machine has the ability to think and learn like a Human is called Artificial Intelligence.

Computer programs like Siri or Alexa use smart technology to acknowledge speech and to reply. Other smart technology allows computers to find out, plan, and solve problems!

The COG Project was started to explore how AI is affected by real-world experiences.

Have you heard the story about 12-year kid Cog?

Artificial intelligence plays an enormous role in Cog, a middle-grade novel by Greg van Eekhout. The story explores the blurry line between AI and humanity. Cog is a traditional 12-year-old boy. But his name is brief for “cognitive development,” and he was built to find out. After some accident, he gets damage, after some time he wakes up in an unknown lab. The scientist named Gina who created and cared for him is nowhere to be found. He found himself surrounded by scientists who want to review him and take away his brain, Cog selects four robot associates for a mission to seek out her. Their journey will likely involve much cognitive development within the sort of mistakes, but Cog is willing to risk everything to seek out his way back to Gina. Cog is a charming heroic tale, about an unforgettable character with whom kids will relate.

Much like Cog within the book, the aim of the first COG robot was to make a robot that would learn through experiences. Several different computer programs work together to run COG because it learns to imitate things sort of a head shake or a nod.

One day soon, there could be also “Robot-bosses.”

During the economic revolution, many roles were replaced by machines. Similarly, AI is getting used across many professional areas, and over the subsequent 15 years, AI may replace up to 40% of the present workforce. In fact, many workers may soon be reporting to “Robot-bosses”!

Artificial Intelligence to Help Doctors to Fight Against COVID-19

In many of the hospitals Robots are working with doctors to treat the COVI -19 positive patients. This way human doctors can actually prevent themself by getting infected by the virus.

 A robot named Sophia may be the smartest robot in the world.

Sophia is meant to seem sort of a human and to reply to questions. Sophia can follow faces, maintain eye contact, and even recognize individuals.

While Sophia’s emotions are an extended way faraway from Cog’s, the thought that a robot can have human features and characteristics are often really neat, and also a touch bit scary.