The world is witnessing massive progress in technology. With the advent of artificial intelligence, a new era of technological revolution is born. As much as the idea of fancy tech amuses us, so comes the fear of job losses due to the same.

Well, as we head towards a more advanced world and adapt new ways of living; discarding the old ways become a norm. Having said that, the job you are doing manually might become obsolete or get automated sooner than you can even think of! Thus, the fear of job losses and unemployment due to AI taking over our world is inevitable. 

But the good news is that the introduction of a successful technology brings a revolution to the IT industry and also creates a lot more job opportunities in that filed. The only condition adhering to grab one such opportunity is that you should be ready to adapt by learning and updating your skills as per the demand in the market. That’s why they say that makers who are natural tinkerers have an edge over others in the market as they are more creative and their DIY temperament allows them to catch up things quicker than an average person.

Why Should You Use AI Tools Or Softwares As A Maker?

Makers is an umbrella term for anybody who likes to make, break, and innovate. It constitutes people from all walks of life that include, designers, artists, engineers, thinkers, hobbyists, creators, DIY enthusiasts, science nerd, or anybody who loved to tinker with stuff and possess an unquenched apatite to learn. 

According to research by Tech crunch, “Innovative technology has come from large corporations, but these ideas begin and thrive in the heads and hands of individuals — within networks of “makers.” Now more than ever, it is critical for major technology companies and global brands to take notice of this powerful community and connect them with the tools and technologies that can help spur their creativity, drive innovation, and ultimately enable them to bring their latest design to market.” Thus, it is safe to say that makers are considered leaders of innovation and exploration.

One shortcut way to increase your salary pay and market value is by expanding your skillset and upgrading to the new popular thing in the market. With so much of word revolving around AI, this is the best time to learn the AI tech and incorporate it into your makers movement umbrella. By using the maker instinct and advanced technology, one can engineer to solve major problems of tomorrow and give rise to more innovative solutions

Such high ended tools and technologies can be used to collaborate with makers and develop new products based on advanced tech. Here are some tools or Softwares that might come handy to makers and provide an efficiency boost to their skill.

Runway ML

Runway ML is an AI-based functioning tool for artists that can help them expand their creativity by artificial intelligence abilities. It is an easy and code-free platform that uses machine learning to experiment with new models and delve into new ways of creating art.

You can download the tool form their official website- Runway ML

Scribbling Speech

Scribbling Speech is the next cool software tool for any maker out there. This tool allows one to convert their speech into drawings by a simple installation. Doesn’t that sound really cool?

This tool can be implemented on any DIY robot or a gadget and can make it look more hi-tech and sophisticated.

Find the link to the resource at Scribbling Speech


If you are someone who is passionate about making music, then NSynth is the tool for you. This AI-based sound maker software allows anybody to mix and match melody that can create a new form of music by the activity of machine learning. With the help of NSynth, you can create you own hybrid music and instruments.

You can read more about it on NSynth

Teachable Machine

Another marvelous tool that can come handy for makers while tinkering with robots or innovative tech gadgets. Teachable Machine is a web tool that allows you to teach your machine certain actions without a single line of code. It enables one to teach a machine with a camera live in a browser without any coding required. Convenient much, huh?

Read more about it at Teachable Machine


Magenta is an open-source research platform that explores the scope of machine learning as a tool for the creative process. With little coding skills required, this tool allows you to use existing models and bring your creativity to life or build new models of your own.

To know more about it, visit